Our Company

Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen by accident.

Leader’s Edge CA

Leader’s Edge CA, founded in July 2003, is a privately owned consultancy located in San Jose, CA — the Capital of Silicon Valley. We serve the technical community by providing products and services designed to help technical professionals excel as effective leaders within their organizations. Our services include:

  • Leadership and career coaching and mentoring
  • Education in leadership, management, communication, project coordination, and people skills
  • Meeting and team facilitation — including conflict management and mediation
  • Instructional Design — custom course development (online and classroom)
  • Corporate and public speaking

Our Vision

The trusted resource and support for high-tech leaders seeking leadership mastery.

Our Mission

Elevate the success and quality of mid-tier leaders in high-tech organizations to an elite level, through top-quality coaching, mentoring, and education.

Who We Serve

Although we work with individuals from varied backgrounds and industries, we have chosen to focus most of our attention on technical professionals in the engineering and scientific communities. Unlike firms whose expertise is rooted solely in Training and Development or Human Resources, Leader’s Edge CA was founded by an engineer with over 25 years of experience in engineering management, coaching, mentoring, and leadership facilitation.

Our founder, Yvonne T. Ryan, understands the challenges faced by technical professionals and their leaders because she has experienced them firsthand. It is this “insider’s perspective” that has shaped our company’s approach, products, and services.

Our Primary Goal

LECA has significantly improved the quality of leadership within STEM-based industries throughout the world. We are a top-10 resource consulted by new high-tech leaders and middle managers seeking guidance on their path to success and leadership mastery.

Our Values

  • Trust is the foundation underlying everything we do pertaining to our clients: we are impartial, honest, and discrete.
  • We take pride in providing excellent value through high-quality programs and services that warrant our competitive fees.
  • We continuously seek innovative ways to develop and deliver our programs and services using state-of-the-art technology.
  • We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so all can give their best.
  • We acknowledge many ways to learn and lead; we adapt our approach to best meet the specific needs and innate abilities of our constituents.
  • We believe that all learning and work must incorporate elements of fun to be effective.
  • We believe that education without ongoing support is a waste of time.
  • Our programs promote leadership mastery – a never-ending journey of lifelong learning and personal development.

Our Perspective and Intentions

Throughout her career, our founder, Yvonne T. Ryan, acquired firsthand experience with the strange dichotomy between technical responsibilities and a wide range of leadership responsibilities. In learning to manage this dichotomy successfully, she developed an expertise in helping to stabilize technical organizations and projects in crisis. Yvonne found the three most significant underlying reasons for technical project and organizational failure to be:

  • lack of communication,
  • less-than-adequate people skills, and
  • poor leadership.

Fundamentally, we at Leader’s Edge CA believe that good leaders are not simply people born with the right set of genes. Nor does exceptional leadership happen by accident; it requires a conscious choice. In the final analysis, individuals with the appropriate outlook, a strong drive to succeed, and the proper skillset are most likely to excel as leaders. All of these factors can be cultivated.

This viewpoint fostered several core intentions for:

  1. To guide and support leaders in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields on their journey toward leadership mastery by helping them understand and practice the varied roles, responsibilities, and skills associated with exceptional leadership.
  2. To provide resources, approaches, methods, and techniques that address the specific needs of technical leaders and the technical professionals they lead.
  3. To assist technical leaders in recognizing, acknowledging, and developing their natural leadership strengths and style to full potential.
  4. To help technical leaders recognize, acknowledge, and learn how to remove or mitigate the effects of “stumbling blocks” that work against them and limit their success.