The LECA Solution

Most leadership problems and challenges have a solution…here’s ours!

The foundation of our support is private coaching, group coaching and education — where we help you clarify the kind(s) of assistance you require, devise a plan for on-the-job development and application, and provide on-going support (as needed) to ensure your success.

Our facilitation support is for those times when the challenges you face are related to group interaction, especially when objectivity and impartiality are important. If you are seeking an experienced meeting facilitator, conflict mediator, or someone to facilitate team building activities, Leader’s Edge CA can accommodate you.

We also believe in “spreading the word” about technical leadership through…

  •  Public, corporate, keynote, and meal-time presentations.
  • Technical leadership and management video lessons on our YouTube channel; and
  • Networking with our community through professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Whether you are already a “leader of geeks”, someone trying to resolve specific personnel or team challenges, or simply someone who wants to make greater strides in your career, Leader’s Edge CA can provide the guidance and support you’ll need to excel.

Contact us to learn more!