Our Team

Yvonne T. RyanYvonne Ryan, Founder and President of Leader’s Edge CA, wears many hats. She is a full-time coach, mentor, and educator. Part-time, she runs the business, facilitates corporate meetings and teams, mediates conflicts, and employs her creative skills as our primary instructional designer. (She’s even been known to do some of the clerical work and take out the trash from time to time!)

Having spent over 25 years in the corporate trenches developing her understanding of what constitutes good leadership and management in technical environments, and over a decade as a leadership and career development coach, Yvonne knows and understands the in-and-outs of technical middle management (and has the battle scars to prove it).

Yvonne received her formal education from St. Joseph’s College (Rensselaer, IN) and the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO). Her experience spans a wide range of industries, including Electronic Design Automation (EDA), manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, computer language and translator design, and business systems. She is a trained mediator, a certified Instructor-of-Trainers, and an instructional designer specializing in experiential and online learning.
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Linda Fossum, CPCC, Guest Coach/Mentor is a corporate career coach & mentor who encourages people to break away from the pack and stand out in their career in corporate America. Her corporate experience, energy, and creativity are perfect complements to her client’s desire for career success. Throughout her career as manager and director of training departments in large Fortune 500 companies, Linda coached and mentored executives, middle managers, and high-potential staff to become more successful within their work environment. Although Linda has a full-time practice through “Recharge Your Career.com,” she finds the time to assist Leader’s Edge CA with various educational events and specialized coaching assignments. We are privileged to have her expertise and exceptional talents available to those we serve.
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Chris_100Christina Drexler, Principal of Eagle Eye Accounting Services, LLC, rides herd on accounting and tax preparation matters at Leader’s Edge CA. Formally educated at John Carroll University (University Heights, Ohio) in Mathematics and Computer Science, Chris decided to focus her career in small business accounting, starting in 1978. Since founding “Eagle Eye” in 1999, Chris has assisted a wide variety of small businesses and individuals in addressing general accounting needs, including basic bookkeeping, account management, financial report generation, accounting process design and implementation, and instruction of personnel. Leader’s Edge CA is fortunate indeed to be under the watchful “eagle eye” of such an experienced professional.

Penne_100Penne Baer, Registrar & Website Admin. With 15 years as an Administrative Admin and more than 10 years as a Virtual Assistant, Penne knows a thing or two about keeping a business running “ship shape.” In fact, after joining the LECA team several years ago, Penne immediately became Yvonne’s good right hand. In addition to being our point person for workshop registrations and Customer Support, Penne keeps our website up to date and running smoothly. Although she works quietly “behind the scenes” in most of our endeavors, Penne has become an invaluable asset.

Andrea RyanAndrea Ryan, Web Support & Bookkeeping, is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. She helps support our website and facilitates the publication of our various educational materials and resources. Thanks to Andrea, we’re able to continually add new resources for the benefit of course participants and site visitors. Andrea also brings a fresh viewpoint and humorous insight to our team that keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. Her suggestions help us keep our offerings fresh and relevant for younger professionals. Most importantly, Andrea helps Yvonne keep up with the company bookkeeping (for which she deserves a very special “Gold Star”…and maybe a year’s supply of analgesics for the regular headaches Yvonne causes her).