Here’s what people say about working with
Yvonne T. Ryan, The Techie Leadership Coach

“Yvonne is very approachable, which allowed me to openly express and discuss current situations in detail with her almost immediately. She has the ability to put herself in your shoes and look at the problem from your viewpoint. She’s able to look well beyond the immediate solution and suggest solutions/guidelines that help you avoid certain situations altogether. Yvonne’s objectivity helped me identify specific things I could do to address some of the challenges I was facing – to stay the course and be open to results.

Yvonne is articulate, professional, and experienced. Her ability to articulate situations gave me tremendous confidence as it became very clear that she understood my view of events and circumstances. Yvonne engenders trust through her discretion about confidential matters. She has vast experience and has “traveled the path” many times; this gives her an extra advantage, which she in turn shares with her clients.

Yvonne has helped me in many ways. The most important was in how to deal with upper management, how to manage boss’s expectations, and how to make certain that issues are communicated accurately with appropriate urgency.

I recommend Yvonne to people like me, who are transitioning from a technical role to a managerial role. She can identify the skills required by an engineer to become a good and successful manager.”

Sarveta Jadhav
Software Manager
ARM Physical IP Division

Right from the start, Yvonne impressed me with her professional manner and approach organizing our organization’s retreat. She took the time to speak to me about issues and concerns before creating an agenda for the retreat. Yvonne kept our team focused and led us through a series of activities. She made certain that everyone was free to voice his/her views and set a positive tone for the day. Within the first hour of the retreat, Yvonne earned our team’s respect and trust. We were so pleased with the process and results that we asked her to moderate follow-up meetings.

Alice Callen
GetSET Program Director
Santa Clara Valley
Society of Women Engineers

“In business, Yvonne Ryan is a clear-thinker who pays a lot of attention to quality and business ethics. She has a good understanding of process and its practical application. Yvonne’s management skills — both with respect to people and time – are excellent. She has an innate ability to break down complex issues into simpler concepts, and her ability to anticipate the ramifications of actions (both in the short-term and in the long view) gives her a unique understanding of top-down analysis from ‘big picture’ to detail. Since becoming a coach and trainer, Yvonne has focused her attention on effectively translating and communicating these skills for the benefit of other technical people. Her energy, her friendliness, her genuine concern for people, and her well-developed sense of humor make her easy to approach and fun to work with. Anyone seeking a seasoned mentor or coach in technical management and leadership would benefit from Yvonne’s expertise. Anyone striving for an extra edge, looking to better their own expertise and to make themselves even more productive and valuable, will benefit from Yvonne’s knowledge, guidance and insights.”

Matt Lindblom
Software Engineer
Mentor Graphics, Inc.

“Yvonne has a good way of leading people to see things for themselves without having to tell them – this way it comes across as if I made the revelations myself. This I actually did but did not recognize it as such and it was helped along considerably with her guidance.

She is a great person to bounce ideas off of and it helps having that because it is non-judgmental. Then she brings these “bouncing ideas” around and provides a framework or structure to organize them. She also adds a [methodology to] process these thoughts. It is good to have that kind of resource when one is putting things together such as an action plan. She has helped me sort through many things.”

Cathy Tonne
Project Manager