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Conflict Management in a Technical World (Live)

Conflict is inevitable… but it doesn’t have to be painful or anxiety-arousing!

Are you handling conflict well? Ask yourself these questions ...

  • Do you try to avoid conflict at all costs?
  • Does confrontation make you VERY uncomfortable?
  • Does conflict cause you to act "out of character?"

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Maintain your composure regardless of the provocation
  • Respond responsibly in any conflict situation
  • Feel confident that you know how to respond effectively in confrontations
  • Know others cannot intimidate you unless you allow it
  • Feel less constrained in your response because you have options
  • Find win-win resolutions to conflict situations that really work!

This is not a pipe dream!

Conflict is an inevitable part of all relationships — it is neither good nor bad.

Many people find conflict distasteful. Some find it embarrassing or self-defeating. Others find it stimulating. The truth is…as long as it is managed effectively, conflict can be an opportunity to:

  • Problem-solve
  • Be creative
  • Create a stronger relationship

Most of us respond to conflict in a consistent manner. Sometimes our approach works. When it doesn’t things can get pretty dicey — the situation may even spiral out of control.

Learn to respond constructively to conflict and achieve mutually satisfying results.

Conflict Management in a Technical World will show you how!

This 5-lesson online program helps you understand the root causes of most conflicts. In addition, you will learn…

  • The five most common response styles in conflict situations (and how to recognize them).
  • How to choose the appropriate conflict response style.
  • How to expand your options and move beyond your usual conflict response style.
  • How to achieve constructive win-win outcomes in most conflict situations.

The insights and clarity you gain from the live practice sessions and fieldwork exercises will quickly build your confidence. Confrontation will no longer cause you significant distress because you'll know how to handle it (and other conflicts) effectively.

Stressful periods seem to “breed” conflict of a negative variety.
When emotions run high they can spiral out of control. Trust (or the lack of it) then becomes a critical factor in how the conflict proceeds. Unfortunately, conflicts that occur during stressful times may be chronically misdirected toward those nearest or dearest to us – with negative consequences that may damage relationships.

Conflict is not limited to our interactions with other people.
Each of us may also experience internal personal conflict. Personal conflict arises when our actions or thoughts do not match our intentions, or when they violate our core beliefs (ethics and values). Personal conflict increases our stress level. It can promote confusion; frustration; guilt; anger; and many other negative feelings. It may attack our self-image by lowering our self-esteem and undermining our confidence in our own competence.

Learn conflict management approaches that deliver positive results.
In addition to exploring the nature of common conflicts and five common styles of conflict response Conflict Management in a Technical World clarifies how and when to best apply the five response styles in many conflict situations that arise in our daily lives. You will also learn more about interacting with “difficult people” and improving your communication with those around you.

Choose to approach conflict confidently and with a more constructive frame of mind.
What you learn in this program will not necessarily lessen the conflict in your life – it may increase it. However, you will no longer be intimidated by, or feel the need to shy away from, confrontation. The skills you learn will contribute to your personal growth and turn conflicts into opportunities for creative problem-solving. You may even discover that your relationships with others become stronger and richer because you have struggled through your respective differences and found a way to accommodate the needs of all parties involved.

Conflict is inevitable...stop struggling with it!

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Conflict Management in a Technical World (Live)

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Program Logistics

Program Format: Five 1.5 hour webinars + group coaching (LIVE!)
Webinar Schedule: Mondays, June 4 - July 2, 2018
Webinar Timeframe: 4 - 5:30 pm PST (7 - 8:30 pm EST)
Group Coaching Sessions: Bi-weekly for 2 additional months
Learning Facilitator: Yvonne T. Ryan

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