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Foundations of Technical Leadership™

A 15-Week Intensive Education and Coaching Program

Great leaders help people find and stay on the path toward excellence.

The best leaders know the right questions to ask – and they’re not afraid to ask them.

  • What am I doing to create an environment in which innovation flourishes?
  • How can I best discern the needs of those I lead and those we serve?
  • Where are the gaps and/or weak spots in my knowledge base, technique, and skills as a leader?
  • In what ways am I hanging on too tight – micromanaging and failing to delegate?
  • What obstacles are limiting our success? What am I doing about them?

Elite leaders are perpetually on a quest, seeking new opportunities for improvement and ways to enhance individual as well as team success.

Are you satisfied with mediocrity?

Your most crucial mission as a leader is to be vigilant, while building advantageous relationships and maintaining your focus on achieving results and increasing value — for yourself, your team, your organization, and your clients/customers. Pursuing this mission is needlessly difficult without the proper foundation of perspectives, technique, and skills required to launch each leg of your leadership journey.

Struggle less…accomplish more!

The Foundations of Technical Leadership™ will show you how.

Move beyond what typical management training offers. Foundations of Technical Leadership™ is a program designed specifically for technical professionals by the award-winning leader and coach/mentor, Yvonne T. Ryan. With over 25 years of experience slogging through the trenches of various high-tech industries, Yvonne came out the other side somewhat battle-scarred, but definitely wiser. Since 2003, she has dedicated her efforts to making the journey toward leadership mastery easier and more productive for a wide variety of technical leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond.

About the Program

Foundations of Technical Leadership™ is a facilitated 15-week education and group coaching program designed to provide a fast-track grounding in technical leadership concepts, techniques, and skills using a practical, hands-on approach. The compressed curriculum is presented as a progression — where each new concept builds on those preceding it. Lessons learned are immediately applicable and may be integrated into your day-to-day activities while you receive continuous coaching and support. Practical assignments and case studies balance theory to enhance your experiential learning experience.

Program Format and Time Commitment

The Foundations of Technical Leadership™ program is presented over fifteen contiguous weeks (with breaks for U.S. public holidays). Participants’ weekly time commitment is (on average) two to three hours. The program includes:

  • Two 1-hour live (online) sessions each week: One “lesson” webinar and one optional (but recommended) “coaching” call provide you with ample opportunity to ask detailed in-depth questions. A rush of inspiration and support comes in each call as you learn exactly how to take your leadership to the next level. Ask your most pressing questions about each week’s lesson or anything else that you need to know to improve your day-to-day facilitation planning and/or project coordination.
  • Practical fieldwork assignments that become immediately applicable “on the job” and provide needed reinforcement of what you learn each week.
  • Expert leadership and business coaching from a 30-year veteran technical leader on communication and presentation conflict management team development business and political savvy negotiation goal-setting and creating viable action plans acquiring and terminating talent implementing useful processes and work flows building a creative and success-oriented environment and time management and delegation.
  • Hours of session recordings(video and audio) to keep you in action. Every lesson and group coaching session is recorded and all recordings are made available as a bonus to program participants through their unique group learning environment. These recordings make great additions to your continuous learning archive. Note: Only class facilitator and participants have access to these recordings. They are not shared publicly or with other classes.
  • Clear and concise resource materials– learning guides action assignments case studies and other supplementary resource materials with straightforward how-to suggestions leadership coaching guidance and reliable project coordination tips.
  • User-friendly online learning environment that puts leadership know-how at your fingertips – a highly interactive and simple-to-use learning environment that includes:
  • My Dashboard - providing one-stop access to your member profile (editable) as well as to all your “active” self-paced tutorials and programs.
  • A powerful program-specific networking and support forum for discussion about assignments pressing questions topics of interest referral exchanges and more!
  • Program Syllabus – covering program objectives general logistics content overview and lesson completion tracking.
  • Individual lesson pages – containing reference links (to printable lesson materials presentation slides and participant-exclusive recordings) a summary of session pre-work full-text lesson content and description of fieldwork assignment(s).
  • Access to supplementary resources to enhance your learning.


  • Week 1: Technical Leadership – An Overview
  • Week 2: Protecting Your Most Valuable Resource (Coach-Mentor)
  • Week 3: Promoting Creativity and High Performance (Creator)
  • Week 4: Adopting a Facilitation-based Management Style (Facilitator)
  • Week 5: Becoming an External Representative and Advocate (Liaison)
  • Week 6: Providing Vision and Managing Ambiguity (Guide)
  • Week 7: Interviewing Hiring and Firing
  • Week 8: Performance Planning (Goals and Action Plans)
  • Week 9: Promoting Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Week 10: The Rudiments of Effective Communication
  • Week 11: Presenting with Maximum Impact
  • Week 12: Mastering Time
  • Week 13: Designing and Implementing Useful Process
  • Week 14: Negotiating for What You Want and Need
  • Week 15: Developing Business and Political Savvy – Graduation!


Your Investment

The Foundations of Technical Leadership™ is a great investment in your future career. Register early and reduce your financial investment by 20%. With our Installment Plan, you can spread out your program investment into four equal installments paid over a four-month period. Overall, you receive two hours of group education/coaching per week and a wealth of materials for less than the price of a single private coaching session.

Our Guarantee

If, after participating fully in Foundations of Technical Leadership™, the program has failed to meet or exceed your expectations, we will return your investment in full without debate (although we will request feedback about what didn’t meet your expectations so we may continue improving the program). That’s how confident we are that participating in Foundations of Technical Leadership™ will be one of the best steps you ever take as a technical leader – lots of learning potential at virtually no risk!

Foundations of Technical Leadership™

A 15-Week Intensive Education and Coaching Program

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Program Logistics

Fifteen 1-hour Lesson Sessions (LIVE!)
Wednesdays, Jan 17-May 9, 2018 @ 12 noon-1:00pm PST / 3:00-4:00pm EST
Weekly 1-hour Group Q&A Coaching Sessions (attendance optional)
Dates and times to be determined.
Learning Facilitator: Yvonne T. Ryan

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