Coaching and Mentoring Services

When’s the last time you had someone solidly in your corner? Someone who…

  • Listens to your ideas and gives you honest, non-judgmental feedback.
  • Asks the right questions to help you understand and focus on what you want or need to accomplish in a timely manner.
  • Will help you establish goals and stick to them through viable action planning, practical execution, and timely follow-up.
  • Is not a paragon…but rather a fallible human being who has learned valuable lessons from which you can benefit.
  • Has been where you are and can help you learn the “tricks of the trade.”
  • Believes in you and knows that helping you be effective and successful is worth doing.

An invaluable “leader’s edge” — having someone be there for you when you stumble or need a reality check!

Coaching helps you articulate and set intentions, find your “best fit” solutions, and remain accountable for commitments you’ve made to yourself.

Mentoring gives you the benefits of accelerated learning (through the experiences of someone who’s been where you are and lived to tell the tale), so you can move forward faster and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that would otherwise hinder your success.

Providing timely support (coaching and mentoring) every step of the way as you progress toward leadership mastery is the underlying foundation of everything we offer through Leader’s Edge CA!

FAQ’s About Coaching and Mentoring

We’ve taken the liberty of anticipating some of your questions about coaching and mentoring. There are subtle differences between these services. You may require or want coaching, mentoring, or some of both – it’s your choice based on your needs. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Coaching

How We Can Help…

Leader’s Edge CA provides coaching/mentoring in two primary focus areas: