Group Coaching

Get support from more than one source…

Group Coaching has several distinctive advantages…

Although having the undivided attention of a coach may seem like an absolute necessity — given the sensitive and private nature of the work you do together — there are also specific advantages to being coached within a group rather than solo. In a group coaching session…

  • There’s a broader base for gathering examples and information. You are not limited to the experiences of your coach since many of your fellow coaches bring a wealth of their own experience and useful information to each session — this is one case where “more” can be decidedly better!
  • Lively debate and discussion, moderated by your coach, helps keep the class engaged and focused on the primary topic or goal of the session.
  • You have the opportunity to try out new ideas or approaches on your fellow coachees before promoting those ideas or concepts within your work environment.
  • Because each group coaching session involves a mixture of people from different backgrounds, they have no “axe to grind” regarding you, your position, or your work. Therefore, you most often receive honest, unbiased feedback and support from the group.
  • Depending on the makeup of a particular group, you have the opportunity to network and meet people both inside and outside your specific industry or discipline. These associations can lead to expanded job and business opportunities.
  • Your financial investment is less for group coaching than for private coaching.

We won’t try to kid you, there are a couple of disadvantages to group coaching as well. However, the disadvantages pale by comparison with the advantages just mentioned.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

There are essentially two ways in which group coaching takes place:

Benefit(s): In addition to the group coaching, you also receive a brief lesson from your coach that adds to your knowledge base in small, easily digestible and easily integrated packets.

How it works: Participants meet once weekly by phone for a 1-hour “lesson session”, and are encouraged to participate in two additional 1-hour open-forum style discussions (also by phone) concerning that week’s theme and/or assignments.

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  • Alternatively, individuals can contact us about joining a coaching group (meeting either face-to-face or in a teleforum format) — where the topics for coaching discussion are usually set by the participants rather than the coach.

Benefit(s): The most significant benefit of this approach is that individual participant challenges and topics of interest get more focused and specific attention.

How it works: Participants meet at least once weekly (depending on group need) either face-to-face or by phone for a 1-hour group coaching session. Participants submit specific questions or scenarios at least 24 hours in advance of each session to allow the coach and participants to prepare for (think about) the upcoming discussion. The coach facilitates the discussion and offers mentoring tips as needed, but other participants can also chime in with observations and suggestions. The coach also reserves a portion of time in each session to address one or more “just in time” coaching needs of the participants.

In either case, ideas are shared, mutually beneficial relationships are often formed, and the group dynamic provides a level of support among participants that tends to grow over time. If you’re seeking timely advice at a moderate investment, group coaching may be a viable option.

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