What’s Missing?

Think back to your formal education. Were there, perhaps, a few things left out? If you are like most technical professionals, the answer is “Yes”. Among the courses dedicated to the study of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, one rarely sees complementary courses addressing people skills, communication, and coordination.

In days gone by, when a technical person could afford to lock him- or herself away in a lab or cubicle and allow the rest of the world to go about its collective business, such skills may not have been quite as necessary. However, now that technology has become so pervasive throughout every facet of our world, the isolation of the past is no longer viable — especially for technical leaders. Some colleges and universities have begun to address these learning gaps by adding selected “soft” courses to their curricula, but the trend is by no means pervasive throughout academia.

We, at Leader’s Edge CA, know how important the “soft” skills are to a leader, for a leader must always be aware of, and deal with, the “human factor” in addition to the technical side of innovation and development. To help you begin filling in any gaps pertaining to the “soft” skills, we provide a range of educational seminars that include ongoing coaching support.

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We have found the teleseminar format to be very effective with most of our clients. Participants work in a dedicated online learning environment that includes:

  • Student/facilitator profiles
  • Class schedule
  • Curriculum overview and course materials
  • Session recordings
  • Auxiliary learning materials and tools
  • Discussion forums

specific to their class. Each week (for the duration of the seminar), the learning facilitator facilitates a one-hour lesson session and two, one-hour coaching sessions. Each lesson session is dedicated to a specific topic with ample time for questions and discussion.

As part of each lesson, participants are assigned one or more tasks to complete by the next lesson session. These task assignments are activities that any leader should be performing in the course of their duties, so no actual work is lost to what students typically refer to as “frivolous intellectual exercises.” In addition, because these tasks are performed within the seminar’s timeframe, participants receive group and personal coaching to support their efforts.

We offer free and premium courses. To view our free courses, join our LECA Learning Center to gain immediate access. To view our list of premium courses, please visit our Home page.

* These seminars can also be facilitated in a classroom environment onsite at your facility or at another arranged location.

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