Instructional Design

Custom Curriculum Design – Overview

Because people and situations differ from organization to organization, Leader’s Edge CA offers an instructional design service to those desiring custom curricula. We design and implement both online and classroom-based curricula that are

  • thought-provoking
  • engaging
  • interactive
  • professional
  • experiential in nature.

Our fees are competitive and depend upon the job requirements and content. In addition to standard content options, we can also integrate audio and/or video segments into your course design to enhance the learner’s experience. From Leader’s Edge CA, you’ll get professional results of superb quality that are produced in a timely fashion.

Self-paced Options

Adults prefer to learn at their own pace and on their own timetable. This is especially true with technical people who often have to accommodate demading schedules that allow only small blocks of time for self-improvement. And yet, techies who do not continually learn and expand their knowledge base and skillset become stale over time and of less value to their organization. These are very strong reasons for the popularity of self-paced tutorials.

By incorporating your content (or ours) into a self-paced format, you make it possible for your techies to learn in short spurts or all in one sitting – as befits the personal preference and schedule of the individual. In addition, since not every techie learns in the same way, our tutorial designs accommodate different learning styles, which increases the applicability and useability of your custom learning module.

In addition to the usual verbal content, you have the option to enhance the learner’s experience through…

  • Exercises and Activities – We provide a variety of style templates for interactive exercises and activities that not only educate, but also engage the learner in a manner that enhances, reinforces, and deepens their learning.
  • Exceptional and Unique Graphics – With our design service, you won’t get the same old stock photos that see everywhere. You can incorporate photos of your people in your work environment, or take advantage of a wide selection of unique and beautiful stock images provided from our LECA photo library. We can also arrange for custom cartooning, if that is more to your taste.
  • Interactive Examples (online only) – Nothing beats a good example to demonstrate a concept (especially for visual learners), and if the user can interact with the example, that’s even better (kinesthetic, or hands-on, learners incorporate concepts better when they can manually participate in an experience).
  • Self-check Quizzes – An important facet of self-paced learning is the ability to periodically check personal progress. We have found the use of fully interactive “Quick Check” quizzes to be very beneficial for this purpose. The learner gets instant feedback on his or her progress to date and is made specifically aware of areas that may require further study.
  • Custom Assessments – Assessments are useful tools for clarifying the learner’s status with regard to pre-knowledge (existing knowledge and behaviors before participating in the learning experience), and post-knowledge (knowledge gained as a result of the learning experience).

[Online only] A custom assessment can be developed to report results back to the learner, a manager, or a Human Resources professional. More importantly, assessment results can be tied into a database as a “baseline” (for later recall and comparison) when measuring developmental progress.

  • Audio Voice-Over – Some individuals (especially audio-based learners) prefer to receive information through the use of audio recordings. Individuals who are big on multi-tasking often enjoy listening to self-improvement audio recordings while commuting or relaxing in their favorite easy chair. Whether downloaded to a computer or MP3 player, or distributed on compact disc, audio recordings are great add a unique dimension to a learning program that not only relieves boredom, but also engages with the learner in what is often perceived as a more “human” manner. Your LECA instructional designer can incorporate one or more of your (or our) existing audio recordings, or we can provide professional voice-over talent to record an appropriately scripted audio segment.
  • Video Clips – Have a corporate video clip you’d like to incorporate as part of your custom learning experience? No problem! One of our instructional design technicians can translate standard video recordings into Adobe Flash format for online viewing or we can arrange for video segments to be provided on DVD.

As you can see from the above list, you have a wide choice of options to choose from when it comes to creating a learning module customized to fit your needs and budget.

Whether you choose an online format, or a homestudy (printed material plus optional CD or DVD), our fees for instructional design and/or custom development are competitive, and we guarantee our work. Let Leader’s Edge CA show you how a custom-built online tutorial can help your people maintain their “edge” without breaking the bank for expensive remote classroom training.

Classroom Outlines and Materials

Although your organization may have its own in-house organizational development group or training team, should you have need for the development of custom learning materials or training outlines to facilitate a new classroom curriculum, Leader’s Edge CA can help. Our experienced staff can design and/or produce training outlines, visual aids (both PowerPoint®* and printed), hardcopy handouts, accessories for activities, and much more.

Samples are available upon request.

Allow us to save you time and make your job a little easier.

* PowerPoint ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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